About Us

  • OUR MISSION: is to establish a solid infrastructure, which can support hockey and other sports & social needs of the community in Nottingham

The founder members of Sikh Union (Nott'm) Hockey Club were players who used to play for other local clubs in and around Nottingham. We used to get together during the summer period and enter the team in Asian hockey tournaments around the country as a social thing. It got serious!!! In 1986 we decided to form the club and ever since we have not never looked back. We entered the one team in what was then the DTZ Hockey League East Midlands Div 4 and the progression has been there ever since.

The club was established in 1986 and for many years ran with one team. A few years ago we invested in a youth training programme through which some of the youngsters developed so fast that they were immediately drafted into the 1st team. This effectively meant that some of the senior players along with some of the other youngsters gave us an opportunity to form a second team.

A new pitch has been laid with better lighting. We thank all our sponsors for their invaluable assistance and continued support, and convey our best wishes to them.

We are, and currently remain one of the smallest clubs in the country. Bearing this in mind it has been a tremendous achievement by the club to find our first team to have played in the national league for two years, and our second team now playing in the East Midlands Premier League. The future of our club remains bright. We would like convey my thanks to Sport England (lottery grant), and Nottingham City Council for their support and who were instrumental in upgrading the hockey pitch at the Forest Multi Activity Pitch (our own home ground).

We were lucky when we started the club many years ago when we had lots of players that we could choose for just one team. A 2nd team was not an option then due to financial restraints. All the players worked and trained hard and competition was hard.

As players began to drop out due to injuries, jobs etc. we had to re think our policy. About 12 years ago we started a small youth developement program. Because it was only a very small club we ran it for a season but from that program we unleashed about 8 players who developed so fast that they came into the first team squad al most straight away. The current 1st team is the result of that program with a blend of one or two senior players.

This time the youth development program has been ratified by various sectons like Sport England, Nottingham City Council and England Hockey and it will be here to stay.

To develop the program further we have officially become the feeder club to City Djanlogy Academy (CTC), who along with Nottingham City Council and Players Ladies Hockey Club are partners in our development. They will get coaching from us as a club and we will also get the influx of young players from this academy. A partnership to develop hockey for the youth in the city

Coaching is undertaken by club coaches of which we have two qualifed coaches and also assistants from 1st team players. GK coaching is also available. These coaching sessions are available to players of all ages and ability.